BARBRI Prep Courses
The AIFC Academy of Law partners with BARBRI to provide a path for Central Asian lawyers to become New York/California lawyers, or English solicitors.

You have taken a major step toward your international legal career. In today's increasingly globalized world, demand continues to grow for those who understand the workings and complexities of the law of more than one jurisdiction.

  • Personal Study Plan
    The easy-to-use online Personal Study Plan is your to-do list during the course. It continually monitors your progress and recommends assignments aligned to your unique areas of need so that you spend your study time where it will yield the best results.
  • The Best Law Tutors and Lecturers
    Learn from the best faculty in exam preparation who teach you the substantive law for each subject.
  • Professional Resource Books
    Each candidate is supplied with a full set of printed materials for their studies. The bespoke work books are written exclusively by BARBRI's expert tutors for the exams. No need to pay extra to access quality resources and reference materials as with other prep providers.
  • Multiple Choice Exam Expertise & Other Practices
    BARBRI has over 50-years experience in training candidates to master multiple choice exam question techniques and skills. During your preparation, you will have various practices to master the techniques you learn.

Solicitors Qualifying Exam

From September 2021, the SQE is being introduced meaning the route to legal qualification in England and Wales is changing. Old routes, including the GDL, LPC, QLTS, are being phased out and will be replaced by the SQE. Anyone, including UK and foreign graduates with a law or non-law degree, aspiring to become a solicitor in England and Wales will have to take the SQE. 
BARBRI Discount

AIFC Academy of Law is pleased to offer all Central Asian and CIS students, lawyers and business professionals up to 15% discount on any BARBRI courses. Enroll the courses through the AIFC Academy of Law today to enjoy the discount!

15% off the gross tuition registration fee:

  • AIFC Employees
  • AIFC Participants
  • Partners & Stakeholders of the AIFC Academy of Law

See the list of Partners of the AIFC Academy of Law


5% off the gross tuition registration fee:

  • All other candidates not eligible to 15% discount.

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10am GMT Session – SQE and US Bar Exam Eligibility & BARBRI Careers and Employability Services
Tom Armstrong – BARBRI Global Business Development Advisor
Sandip Sambhi – BARBRI Global Careers and Employability Manager

1pm GMT Session – SQE and US Bar Exam Eligibility & BARBRI Bridges
Mariam Solomon – BARBRI Global Legal Advisor
Victoria Cromwell – BARBRI Global Head of New Business & Account Management

6pm GMT Session – The Route To Practice Law – US & UK – Q&A for International Candidates
Monique Morrison – BARBRI Global International Development Manager
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